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Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 380 V | Pole: 24 | Duty Cycle: S3 40% | Brake Voltage: 110 VDC | Max. Static Load: 2500 kg

Model No. Duty Load(kg) Passenger Capacity Speed (m/s) Sheave Dia. (mm) Ratio of Roping No. of Ropes Rope Dia. (mm) Rated Current (A) Power (kW RPM Torque (Nm) Rated Frequency (Hz) IP Protection Start / Hr Machine Weight (kg) (Approx.)
JDE 24 P 0606 A-320 408 6 0.50 320 2 4 8 8.0 1.4 60 220 12.0 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 B-320 408 6 0.75 320 2 4 8 8.0 2.1 90 220 18.0 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 C-320 408 6 1.00 320 2 4 8 8.0 2.8 120 220 24.0 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 D-320 408 6 1.25 320 2 4 8 9.5 3.4 149 220 29.8 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 E-320 408 6 1.50 320 2 4 8 10.0 4.1 179 220 35.8 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 A-240 408 6 0.50 240 2 4 8 8.0 1.8 80 220 16.0 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 B-240 408 6 0.75 240 2 4 8 8.0 2.8 120 220 24.0 IP41 180 155
JDE 24 P 0606 C-240 408 6 1.00 240 2 4 8 9.5 3.7 160 220 32.0 IP41 180 155
JD Engineering Works

6 Passenger Elevator Motors – Durable, Robust, Affordable

Passenger elevators are a common sight across buildings, residential and commercial. And these are not new, but fairly old in usage.
Passenger lift motors are certainly one of the most effective and significant inventions.

Types of Passenger Elevator Motors

With different usage and purpose, there is no doubt that passenger elevator motors are multiple types, specific to the requirement and need for the building or the premise.

One of the most common types of passenger lifts are traction machines, which come in geared as well as gearless options. In the latest times, gearless elevator traction machines, owing to their seamless functioning and advanced mechanism and multiple benefits to the elevator management as well as to the users.

Gearless Elevator Motor

These work by a mechanism of sheave being directly attached to the motor end. One of the main aspects that make these highly popular and effective in usage is the fact that these can reach up to a speed of 2,000 ft/min. While these have high initial cost investment, the maintenance is relatively low. Thereby you can say that first time investment is high but after that, these work and perform efficiently for a longer duration requiring less maintenance. Another facet associated with the popularity of gearless elevator traction machine is that these are better in energy efficiency as compared to geared elevation traction motor machines.
Mont Drive is a prominent name as a gearless elevator machine manufacturer in India, which provides complete support to your requirement in a quality and cost-effective way.

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Mont Drive Delivering Finest in Gearless Elevator Traction Machines

Standardized, international quality cars

Requirement of small control-room

A quiet and convenient ride for the passengers

Small motor size

Finest in other factors and features consisting of durable and high-end quality flooring, handrails, roof, wall, lighting and more

Types of Gearless Elevator Machines

There are several things that define the different types of gearless elevator traction machines, and one of those is the – passenger capacity.

The two common ones in this segment are – 6 passenger elevator motor and 8 passenger elevator motor.

6 Passenger Elevator Motors – Premium-Grade Cars That Ensure Safety, Comfort and Durability

Almost 90% efficient than the conventional and traditional machines, our 6-passenger elevator traction machines are designed for maximum performance and efficiency in functioning. These have high speed, are compact in size, include noise-free machinery, and are placed inside the hoist way to eliminate the machine room need.

Features of Our 6 Passenger Elevator Motor

Our 6 passenger elevator traction motors are designed to provide maximum in efficiency and functioning with features including:

  • Load capacity – 408 kg
  • 24 poles
  • 4 years warranty
  • Functioning power – 2.8KW
  • Material – Premium grade stainless steel

Benefits You Gain With Our 6 Passenger Elevator Motors

  • Reliability and Safety

The first and foremost thing about any passenger lifts is that these should be created, designed and maintained in a way that these provide optimum safety to the passengers. Mont Drive, as a leading gearless elevator machine manufacturer in Delhi, ensures that from the manufacturing to the testing and later installation and use, the elevator motor delivers best in safety. Our products are passed through stringent functional and reliability test, and only after that these are installed, and are continuously monitored and evaluated for safety norms.

  • Advanced Technology

We use advanced and modern technology, adopting high-end process that leads us to develop a gearless traction motor machine that is finest, conforming to international standards. From minute aspects to major factors, each and every element and process is taken care of, to ensure that the end product is of supreme grade quality.

    Reduced Expenditure

While gearless traction machines are known for their energy efficiency factor, but our proprietary techniques and methodology ensures that you get maximum energy efficiency with our 6 passenger elevator motors you can.


Our 6 passenger traction machines are designed using magnet gearless system and mechanism, are light weight, compact in size, reduction in mechanical consumption between gears, and have low maintenance, no noise feature, negligible engine room requirement that makes these environment-friendly.

Gearless Elevator Motor Manufacturer in India – Buy First-Class 6 Passenger Gearless Elevator Machine

Mont Drive has decades of experience and expertise in the industry, and thus ensures that you get the best in product quality, performance and after sale support you can get. We are not just limited to rendering you the finest in equipment, but also take care of our clients from pre-purchase to post-purchase process.

When you have come to us for 6 passenger elevator motor requirements, you can rest assured that we take care of your entire requirements. From initial discussion to consultation about your precise needs, customizing the product as per your need, to delivery, functional guidance and maintenance support, you have the support of experienced and skilled staff.

Consult the prominent gearless elevator motor manufacturer in Delhi to discuss your requirement and place your order!