Established by Mr. Gurdavinder Singh, Founder & CEO of J.D. Engineering Works, the company has grown into stature and reputation since its inception in 1975. It has expanded its division into Gearless Elevator Traction Machines with Mont Drive, which is a group of 120 employees, working for creating quality and advanced products, in the energy efficiency in this sector.

Mr. Gurdavinder Singh is an alumni of IIT who carries over forty years of experience in this field, and has deep knowledge and skill in the motor designing segment, reforming the sector with ideas and vision. His main focus on consistent improvement in the energy efficiency application in motor designing has led Mont Drive to create advanced products that are best in the class when it comes to eco-friendly and energy efficient operations.

The company has gone through evolution, keeping up with the advancement in the technologies and the mechanical engineering domain, to come up with solutions that are not just revolutionary but also sets a standard for others to follow in the industry. The expert team of engineers always strategize on and implement innovation in technologies which isn’t just confined to India but outside of India as well. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, equipped with latest machinery capable of producing 4000 machines per month, managed by an experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Over time the company has expanded its product serving to not just across India, but globally also in many countires.