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Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 380 V | Pole: 24 | Duty Cycle: S3 40% | Brake Voltage: 110 VDC | Max. Static Load: 2500 kg

Model No. Duty Load(kg) Passenger Capacity Speed (m/s) Sheave Dia. (mm) Ratio of Roping No. of Ropes Rope Dia. (mm) Rated Current (A) Power (kW RPM Torque (Nm) Rated Frequency (Hz) IP Protection Start / Hr Machine Weight (kg) (Approx.)
JDE 24 P 0808 A-320 544 8 0.50 320 2 4 8 8.5 1.6 60 250 12.0 IP41 180 165
JDE 24 P 0808 B-320 544 8 0.75 320 2 4 8 8.5 2.4 90 250 18.0 IP41 180 165
JDE 24 P 0808 C-320 544 8 1.00 320 2 4 8 9.0 3.1 120 250 24.0 IP41 180 165
JDE 24 P 0808 D-320 544 8 1.25 320 2 4 8 10.5 3.9 149 250 29.8 IP41 180 165
JDE 24 P 0808 E-320 544 8 1.50 320 2 4 8 11.0 4.7 179 250 35.8 IP41 180 165
JDE 24 P 0808 F-320 544 8 1.75 320 2 4 8 11.5 5.5 209 250 41.8 IP41 180 165
JD Engineering Works

8 Passenger Elevator Motors – Energy Efficient, Low Maintenance, Durable, Affordable

Passengers lifts are a common facet or feature across buildings, be it commercial, residential or industrial. These aren’t something new but an integral addition to premises across the globe, for decades.

What were earlier traditional and used basic mechanical functioning to operate, are now being operated with advanced technologies and mechanism. Passenger lift motors have gone through a lot of evolutions and changes over the past few decades, and now we are seeing such lift motors that are fully seamless and efficient in operative function.

Gearless Traction Machine

When you are searching about passenger lift motors, you will come across different types. In basics, these are divided into two categories – geared and gearless. Out of these two, gearless are becoming fast popular in today’s times because of several benefits these provide.

Mont Drive is a prominent manufacturing entity that provides the finest in the gearless elevator motor lifts, designed and configured to the latest and international standards, and built to fit precise needs of different premises with long-lasting performance.

Mont Drive is a premier gearless elevator machine manufacturer in Delhi that caters to all-client requirements of passenger lift motors with advanced and quality equipment supply, at cost-effective prices with reliable after-sale support.

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Benefits of Our Gearless Elevator Traction Machine

Designed for high-rise building in precise, these machines are crafted to render efficiency and work reliability with full safety and seamless operation. When the world is witnessing the growing construction of high rise buildings, our gearless traction machines provide the finest solution to the property owners as well as passenger lift operators and management firms.

Our gearless elevator traction machines are built with a wheel attached directly to the electric motor that ensures rotation of the drive sheave in an efficient way. This is different to the geared motors where the wheel is attached to the DC or AC motor. And this is where the gearless motors are able to provide better efficiency in travel height covered as well as speed per minute. Our gearless elevators motors are designed to reach up to a high speed and reach high travel heights with full reliability and safety to the passengers.

Our Gearless Elevator Machine benefits include:

  • High durability from the electric motor
  • Seamless operation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Enhanced reliability, security and safety
  • Acceleration at full speed with a full passenger load
  • No jerky stop

Types of Our Gearless Passenger Lift Motors

For high rise buildings, including commercial buildings, industrial premises, and high rise residential complexes there are two types of gearless elevator machines used – 6 passenger elevators and 8 passenger elevator motors.

Mont Drive holds expertise in both of these elevator motors, with finest quality product supply across India and globally as well, specific to the client and premise requirements.

8 Passenger Elevator Motors – Traction Machines Built to Last Long with Complete Safety and Seamless Travel Mechanism

Mont Drive is a prominent gearless elevator machine manufacturer in India, with over decades of experience in the industry. Right from being at the forefront when the advancing gearless elevator motors were introduced, to creating a benchmark by designing and manufacturing the best such machines, we have been delivering finest quality and efficient elevator motors for all types of buildings and properties.

8 Passenger Elevator Traction Machine – International Standard Product Supply

Our manufacturing facility, situated in Delhi, uses state-of-the-art technology and process to develop elevator motors that conform to the health and safety guidelines while also enabling efficient functioning all the time.

Our engineering process is implemented by experienced and skilled staff having years of knowledge and experience in the field. Our excellent manufacturing procedure to churn out outstanding products, along with reasonable pricing and continuous after-sale support ensures that we have been the most preferred supplier for commercial, residential and industrial clients from across NCR, India, and many international locations as well.

Features of Our 8 Passenger Elevator Motors

Our 8 passenger elevator traction machines come with several features and benefits for the users, which include:

  • Passenger load capacity – 544 Kg
  • Power – 3.3 KW
  • Product Warranty – 4 years
  • Numbers of Pole – 24

Our manufacturing process includes use of best quality materials sourced from reliable providers to ensure that each and every minute to major facet of our products are built to best quality standards.

Buy 8 Passenger Elevator Traction Machines with Complete Technical Support

As a leading gearless elevator motor manufacturer in Delhi, we have stringent testing and quality assessment process in place, which has led us to deliver 100% success each time with our products over the years. Right from the initial product requirement discussion to product delivery, installation guidance and maintenance support afterward, we are always with you to keep you manage the passenger lift motor functioning easily and with informed decision making.

When you want the best in 8 passenger elevator motors for your premise, we are the one-stop destination to fulfil your requirements with ease, quality, honesty and full reliability.

Consult the experienced gearless elevator motor manufacturer in India to buy 8 passenger elevator motors, whether you are looking to buy in small quantity or in bulk – Fast and safe delivery, affordable pricing.

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